I'm a Senior Software Engineer on the Behance team at Adobe. I'm a jQuery core and jQuery UI team member, and serve on the board of the jQuery Foundation. I have several main focuses:

  1. CSSOM (CSS Object Model). I advocate for standards and maintain jQuery's CSS module. I'm one of the few people who know what a "quirky em" is.
  2. Testing. I bring code coverage to jQuery UI where it doesn't exist, maintain a jQuery event simulator, and standardize areas of jQuery's test suites.
  3. Triage. I make sure bug counts go down, and that other maintainers have actionable information on existing bugs.
  4. Helping others contribute. I take a critical look at the contribution experience and make sure new contributors feel welcome and valued.

I contribute to various open source projects. My goal is to make the internet easier: easier for developers to Get Things Done, easier for developers to have an impact on the web's future, and easier to deliver value to the end user.

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