Mike Sherov
Mike Sherov

Mike Sherov is a software engineer and instructor, focused on frontend performance and the craft of software since 2003. Mike makes it easier to Get Things Done on the web. He's contributed to many popular open source projects including npm, webpack, jQuery, ESLint, and JSCS. He lives in New York with his wife and 2 children. Twitter Github dev.to Slides.com


2020 Web Milestones

📅January 23, 2020🕒5 min read

Article Status: a work in progress, expected to be shaped and augment throughout 2020. Think of this more as a wiki page than a fully formed…

The Rise of Man In The Middle (MITM) Based Session Hijacking Attacks

📅November 17, 2019🕒6 min read

Most websites offer personalized experiences powered by a “logged in” mode. In order to remember who a user is, sites place a cookie…

The Humble Switch Statement

📅September 25, 2019🕒6 min read

The switch statement has long been a staple in popular programming languages. It’s typically used to execute branching logic by comparing a…

How to Kill IE11 - What the Deaths of IE6 and IE8 Tell Us About Killing IE

📅July 09, 2019🕒11 min read

“Internet Explorer needs to die.” This phrase has been uttered by countless software developers throughout the ages, but never has that…

Response to “Enabling Modern JavaScript on npm”

📅June 04, 2019🕒7 min read

The Problem In a recent blog post, Jason Miller lays out a problem: given that the average JS application is composed of >50% 3rd party…

In Defense of the 10x Developer

📅December 10, 2015🕒3 min read

One of the most persistent software development memes is making fun of recruiter-speak. You know, the type of language used by the clueless…

Shipping is Your Primary Feature

📅May 01, 2013🕒1 min read

I’ll keep this one short and sweet, and just say this: The most important feature that your software can have is that it’s in the hands of…

Write Clear Code, Not Clever Code

📅April 15, 2012🕒2 min read

In Practices of an Agile Developer, Andy Hunt and Venkat Subramaniam outline a huge list of ways to improve yourself as a software developer…